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Asrat Selassie

Writer, Percussionist, Drummer

A two time Grammy® award winner (Ziggy Marley Best Reggae Album, One Bright Day and Conscious Party) Asrat has been touring the world pretty much his whole life. On the road with (Dallol) Ziggy Marley, sharing stadiums with Bruce Springsteen, Guns N Roses, INXS has given Asrat a taste of our world. Any part of Europe, the Caribbean, The US, Canada, Africa, Australia, he has been there.

"One thing that I have noticed in all my travels, is that outside of any big city, people are similar across the world. The farmers of the world seem to have the same basic values of family first and a strong sense of faith."

Asrat was born in the desert lands of Ethiopia where people would share space with lions along with black mambas and all the things we would run screaming from.

A truly humble and spiritual person, Asrat has managed world tours, a thriving night club, family and still maintains his calm presence. He is also a graceful classical pianist and capable guitarist.




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